"Social media" was the most frequently-entered search term on warc.com during the last 12 months, as marketers' thoughts turned towards using Facebook and Twitter for brand communications.

This entry topped the annual rankings for both subscribers at media agencies and their creative counterparts.

During 2010, there were many innovations relevant to social media marketing, including the launch of Facebook Messages, Promoted Tweets and Google Buzz.

But "social media" failed to reach the top ten among market researchers.

This group's top three searches were for Unilever, the FMCG giant, research firm Nielsen and Admap magazine.

For media agencies, the second most-popular search enquiry was for "luxury" - signalling that some high-end brands are looking to heighten their activity as the global economy recovers.

Digital channels, in the form of "search advertising" and "mobile", were third and fourth, while a more traditional technique, "sponsorship", was fifth.

It was a different story for creatives, who showed a definite bias towards product categories and brands.

"Insurance" was ranked second, with telecoms provider O2, "beer" and furniture retailer Ikea rounding out the top five.

Meanwhile, Cadbury, the UK chocolate manufacturer which was subject to a takeover from Kraft Foods earlier this year, was one of just four brands to make the top 100 for all three groups.

It also had the top aggregate ranking, finishing 75th among media agencies, 46th among creatives and 27th among researchers.

Mobile network Vodafone, sportswear giant Nike and financial services provider HSBC were the other three consistently searched-for brands.

Data sourced from Warc