SINGAPORE CITY: Consumers in Singapore spend an average of 21 hours a month online, with much of this time being devoted to visiting social networking and entertainment sites, argues comScore, the online research company.

Singapore is one of the most developed digital media markets in the Asia Pacific region, and is said to be catching up with highly advanced countries such as Japan and South Korea.

comScore found that over 2.5 million people aged 15 and over accessed the internet in the country in February this year, viewing an average of 1,785 pages during the month as a whole.

Communications was one of the main internet activities, with consumers spending 24% of their time online using "instant messaging" services, with web-based email also taking a 6% share.

A further 14% of the average web user's online profile was dedicated to entertainment portals like YouTube and MediaCorp.

Social networking took an 8% share, with Facebook receiving 1 million visitors during the month, and Friendster registering some 838,000 users.

By contrast, online gaming took a 2.4% share, with blogs on 2.1%, and news and information on 1.3%.

The various sites owned by Google had 2 million visitors in February 2009, nearly 80% of the country's online population, according to comScore.

Microsoft's collected properties followed with 1.9 million users and a reach of 77%, with Yahoo's figures standing at 1.8 million and 70% respectively.

Of the 221 million online searches in February, Google's sites took a 66% share, followed by Yahoo with 17%, Baidu with 4%, Microsoft with 2.5% and Ask and Sohu, with just over 2% each.

Data sourced from Fox Business News/comScore; additional content by WARC staff