MADRID: Spanish web users are increasingly engaging with social media and networking sites now reach 90.1% of the nation's online population.

New comScore data for September 2010 also show increased web use across the board in Spain.

Jaine Agulló, comScore's general manager for Iberia, said: "One of the key drivers of [the] increase is the advancement of social media, with sites like Tuenti and Facebook becoming a more and more important part of Spanish Internet users' daily lives, which of course presents additional opportunities for marketers and advertisers."

Online portals were the most popular website category, reaching 99% of Spain's 23.5 million web users.

Search sites such as Google ranked second, with social media platforms in third.

Facebook, the largest of these sites, reaches 49% of the web population, with 14.2 unique visitors during September.

Meanwhile, Microsoft sites had 20.9 million visitors, and ranked as the top web property in the index, reaching almost 100% of the potential Spanish internet population.

Ranked second, Google sites - which include YouTube - also recorded an upward trend, with a 17% increase equating to 19.6 million unique visitors.

Although global internet brands dominate the top half of the ranking, with Yahoo! and Wikimedia taking fourth and fifth places respectively, Spanish publishing house Grupo Prisa was ranked sixth.

The group, which incorporates brands such as flagship Spanish newspaper El País, showed healthy growth with a 13% year on year increase, registering almost 8.8 million site visitors.

But Yahoo! showed the slowest growth pattern with site visits only 6% up on September 2009.

Ranked immediately below Grupo Prisa is Schibsted, which includes Anuntis, Infojobs and 20minutos, whose visitor levels were up 15% year on year to 8.7 million.

RCS Media group has the same number of visitors and has shown a 12% rise, and Terra Telefónica is ranked nine out of ten with 8.6 million unique visitors representing a 19% year on year increase.

Another successful social networking site is Tuenti, which registered a 21% upsurge in visitors to 8.3 million and achieved tenth place in the Spanish web property rankings.

Data sourced from comScore; additional content by Warc staff