NEW YORK: The majority of consumers have begun to rely on their social media networks – rather than traditional search engines – for recommendations on streamed videos, according to a new survey.

Telly, the online social video community that enables users to post their favourite videos as well as ones shared on Facebook and Twitter, commissioned Harris Interactive to assess mobile video usage and preferences in the US.

The Harris poll of over 2,000 users found that only 41% of mobile video watchers discover new content from traditional search engines whereas 64% rely on video apps and 67% discover new videos from social recommendations on platforms like Facebook.

Email among family and friends received 54% support for social recommendations while 41% of mobile users continued to rely on SMS.

By extrapolating from the sample, the survey discovered that 35% of mobile device users, or 78m consumers, watch video on their devices.

It also found that 52m consumers in the US rely on recommendations when choosing content, and of those, 35m use social media to inform their choices.

In terms of demographics, users aged 18 to 44 were three times more likely to watch mobile video and men were 10% more likely than women to access mobile content.

Furthermore, households with children were 48% more likely to watch mobile video than those without, suggesting the attraction of family-friendly content.

The findings tie in with a recent survey by Juniper Research, which found that mobile is increasingly being used as the primary screen for consuming TV and video content among younger demographics and that streaming services are increasingly integrating with social networks.

Data sourced from MediaPost; additional content by Warc staff