MUNICH: Social networking websites in Germany enjoy combined annual advertising revenues totalling €520 million ($720m; £441m), which are divided between major sites like Facebook and StudiVZ and a wide range of niche services, a study from Webmarkets-today, the online marketing firm, reveals.

The company estimates that there are currently around 220 active social media services in Germany, which together account for 33 billion page views a month, over a quarter of the average 140 billion page views in the country over such a period.

While portals like have sizeable audiences, Webmarkets-today also points to the growth of targeted, community-focused sites as being one of the defining characteristics of the marketplace.

Overall, it is estimated the German online ad market as a whole is worth €2.2bn, with display ads taking a €754m million share of this total, while search is responsible for the remaining €1.5bn.

Data sourced from Telecoms Paper/Webmarkets-today; additional content by WARC staff