DUBLIN: More than half of Irish adults now own a smartphone and there is strong demand for Apple products and branded mobile content, according to new data from Púca.

The research, conducted by iReach on behalf of the mobile marketing agency, shows that the iPhone is Ireland's top-selling smartphone with a market share of 28%.

Samsung was in second place on 23% and Nokia in third on 17%. Around 6% of the panel said they owned an iPad.

This suggests that, despite difficult economic conditions, Irish consumers still prefer to pay extra for high-end Apple products rather than purchase Android-powered devices at a lower price.

According to the latest quarterly figures from research firm Gartner, Apple's share of the global smartphone market stands at 18%.

Eamon Hession, CEO of Púca, said: "There is [a] certain 'wow' factor with Apple's product design and usability."

The Púca report also suggested that Irish consumers are receptive to location-based marketing campaigns, with just under three-quarters saying they would be willing to share their location with brands via their mobile's GPS capabilities.

But Hession warned advertisers against going too far with this type of campaign.

"There is a willingness to engage with brands via location marketing but the research shows that this depends on how much the consumer trusts the brand, whether the data is secure and if they receive a voucher or some other reward in return," he said.

Elsewhere in the report, Púca showed that 77% of Irish smartphone users have downloaded at least one app in the past. This total rises to 98% of iPhone owners.

Data sourced from Púca; additional content by Warc staff