LONDON: Smartphone ownership will continue to rise this year in the UK, where consumers are growing increasingly interested in utilising these devices for a wide range of commercial purposes.
Savvy Marketing, the advisory firm, and PCP Market Research, the consultancy, polled 998 shoppers, and found 51% currently possessed a device like the iPhone or alternatives running on Google Android.
Overall, 72% of interviewees anticipated owning one of these gadgets by the end of 2012, with their appeal increasing across the board.
Alastair Lockhart, head of insight at Savvy Marketing, told Marketing Magazine: "Smartphones are quickly becoming a mainstream marketing channel that few retailers and brand owners can afford to ignore.
"Smartphones are no longer only for targeting a younger audience, with the majority of those planning to buy a smartphone in 2012 aged over 45."

Elsewhere, 55% of interviewees agreed they would happily replace their loyalty cards with an equivalent mobile application.
Some 44% of the adults questioned also believed that smartphones could serve as useful tools for finding products when they were in bricks and mortar stores.
When discussing mobile payments, 41% of consumers proved enthusiastic about the possibility of completing contactless transactions using nearfield communication, or NFC, systems, the study added.

Data sourced from Marketing Magazine; additional content by Warc staff