BERLIN: The average smartphone user in Germany now has 19 apps on their handset at any one time, according to new research.

BITKOM and Instituts Forsa surveyed 1,000 consumers aged at least 14 years old, and estimated as a result that ten million people in the country had downloaded such tools to date.

Differences emerged by gender, with men typically having 25 applications, measured against seven for women, figures standing at over 20 in Western regions but just nine in the East.

More specifically, 21% of respondents owned a phone capable of accessing these appliances, while 57% did not, and 22% were unsure.

"Apps facilitate and enrich everyday life," said René Schuster, a board member at BITKOM.

"There is still great need to spread information about what is possible with apps and how easy they are to use. The market potential for apps is huge."

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff