NEW DELHI: Smartphone ownership has leapt 545% in 30 months across India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, countries referred to as the "P4" (Power 4) Asian sub-region in a new study.

The APAC State of Mobile Advertising report from mobile Opera Mediaworks and the Mobile Marketing Association, was based on second quarter data from 400m unique users on the Opera Mediaworks mobile ad platform.

This reported that, across the P4 countries, 76% of internet users can now access the web via a mobile device, a figure that rises to 93% in Indonesia.

These users remain overwhelmingly young and male, although something approaching parity can be seen in the Philippines where 45.5% of mobile consumers are female.

Opera Mediaworks also reported increased demand for, and rapid adoption of, mobile video-ad units. Both Vietnam and Indonesia had a higher percentage of high-frequency mobile video users – defined as those accessing mobile sites and apps five or more days a week – than the global average, while India and the Philippines contained more low-frequency users – accessing one or two days a week.

The "regular" frequency group – three or four days a week – were all similar in market share and close to the global average.

The Philippines, however, had the highest ratio of video-ad impressions compared to the volume of all impressions served in its market, and it also exceeded the expected global standard (ratio of 1:1). At 0.68:1, India was far ahead of the Asian average of 0.41:1.

"India remains one of the most exciting markets in Asia when it comes to smartphone adoption and rapid shift of consumers to make mobile as primary screen," Vikas Gulati, managing director/Asia at Opera Mediaworks, told

"Mobile advertising, on the other hand, is highly underrepresented in India," he added, "and there is massive opportunity for advertisers to connect with the prime prospects, deliver rich and meaningful experiences at a time and place when it matters the most."

Data sourced from Opera MediaWorks,; additional content by Warc staff