The boss of Sky Global, NewsCorp’s collection of satellite assets around the world, has quit.

Chase Carey, one-time chief operating officer of NewsCorp and reportedly Rupert Murdoch’s “third in command”, resigned after the media mammoth lost out to EchoStar Communications in the race to win the hand of DirecTV, America’s number one satellite operator.

In his time at NewsCorp, Carey oversaw purchases such as Star TV and the television stations of Chris-Craft Industries. However, the DirecTV acquisition was to have been the jewel in Sky Global’s crown, and failure to get it devalued his post.

Some suggest the departure means Murdoch is no longer intent on pursuing DirecTV, whose merger with EchoStar is far from guaranteed due to regulatory concerns.

Likely beneficiaries of Carey’s resignation are tipped to be Lachlan and James Murdoch, currently deputy chief operating officer and chief executive of Star TV (respectively), who are expected to climb a little further up the greasy pole as a result.

News source: BrandRepublic (UK)