LONDON: Once-upon-a-time there was an exclusive British club whose membership comprised a few contented inhabitants of those green and pleasant isles, each earning an annual salary of £1 million ($1.99m; €1.48m) or more. This Happy Breed were mostly landed gentry or Oxbridge alumni.

But since those halcyon days the world has twirled a few thousand times, and the club's membership has swelled with a heterogeneous array of Toms, Dicks, Harrys, Ranjits and Ivans - most of whom would regard an annual salary of one million pounds sterling as a qualification for Medicare.

Their number was further swollen on January 1 2007 by the arrival of Sir Martin Sorrell, ceo of WPP Group, whose annual salary of £840,000 was raised 19% to a nice round £1 million - a fact revealed Monday in the firm's annual report to shareholders.

Although the adland knight has long boasted an annual income several times greater than the magic million, it was made up of a modest salary plus numerous useful little extras amounting to £2.454m - or a grand total for 2006 of £3,294m.

All of which is mere garnish alongside the value of Sorrell's WPP stockholding of 13,742,315 shares - valued as at May 15 at around £104m.

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