SINGAPORE: Women in Singapore are enthusiastic users of their smartphones while watching television and are also significantly influenced by ads on pay TV, new research has shown.

The latest iteration of High Heeled Warriors, an ongoing research study into the media habits of the modern Asian woman conducted by media and entertainment business NBCUniversal, revealed that 75% of Singaporean women use their smartphones while watching TV, the highest level of any nation in Southeast Asia.

Their actions ranged from "liking" a brand to tweeting about a TV show, posting comments on a fan page or simply chatting to a friend. Overall around one third (35%) of Singaporean women were multitasking, simultaneously watching TV and looking for more information about the shows they were viewing.

The research also found that 42% were influenced by ads on pay TV when making purchase decisions.

Their reasons for turning on the TV included entertainment, information and inspiration. Genres and themes on drama (55%), cooking (48%), celebrity news (32%), hair, make-up and make-overs (41%) were found to resonate well with Singaporean women.

They also admired and related to characters and celebrities that embody success, career-mindedness, ambition and independence, while having a strong sense of family and community at the same time.

And with US programming the most watched content in the city state, a fictional female such as Detective Olivia Benson in the crime series Law & Order: SVU proved especially popular.

That particular show appears on the women's channel DIVA, but pop culture channel E! is also widely viewed by women and both dominate major consumer categories for advertisers who want to engage with this group.

"We now know how the Singaporean High Heeled Warrior engages with content, her preferred formats and the various themes that resonate," said Christine Fellowes, managing director, Universal Networks International, Asia-Pacific.

She added that these findings meant "clients can connect more deeply with female consumers and drive even more measurable business outcomes through strategic advertising and sponsorships".

Data sourced from Marketing Interactive; additional content by Warc staff