SINGAPORE: Consumers in Singapore display the highest engagement with a wide range of digital activities when compared with their counterparts across South East Asia.

Nielsen, the insights provider, reported that internet users in Singapore spend 25 hours a week online, versus 22 hours for the Philippines, 20 hours for Malaysia, 17 hours for Thailand, 16 hours for Vietnam and 14 hours for Indonesia.

Some 85% of Singapore's connected community also had a web-enabled mobile phone, coming in at 75% in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, but falling to 64% in the Philippines and 32% in Vietnam.

These totals easily outstripped the proportion of contributors possessing a desktop computer in Singapore and Indonesia, and were tied in Malaysia.

Notebook, laptop and netbook penetration was also strongest in Singapore, on 87%, and stood at 79% in Malaysia, 61% in Thailand and 58% in the Philippines.

Elsewhere, Nielsen found 26% of its panel in Thailand - members of which were likely to be early adopters - already owned a gadget such as the iPad, declining to 23% in Singapore, 18% in Malaysia, 17% in the Philippines and 2% in Indonesia.

"The increasing availability and uptake of internet capable devices is ... bringing about considerable changes in the way media is consumed, in particular fuelling media multi tasking behaviours amongst South East Asian consumers," said Melanie Ingrey, Nielsen's APMEA region research director.

Facebook was the most popular social network in five of the six featured nations, with a reach of 90% in Indonesia, 81% in the Philippines, 78% in Malaysia, 77% in Singapore and 56% in Thailand.

Vietnam constituted the sole exception on this metric, as Zing took a lead role on 33%, ahead of the 28% logged by Facebook in second.

YouTube also came inside the top three social platforms across all of the markets assessed - generating an average reach of 39% - a status assumed by Twitter in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Exactly 65% of digital consumers in the Philippines had interacted with brands or companies on social media during the past 12 months, followed by the 60% registered by Malaysia on this measure.

Singapore's online audience posted 56% here, beating Thailand's 42%, Indonesia's 20% and the comparatively modest 8% recorded by Vietnam.

Data sourced from Asia Media Journal; additional content by Warc staff