LONDON: More than three-quarters of European consumers engage in simultaneous media use, according to a new report.

Trade body the European Interactive Advertising Association assessed evolving habits in 15 markets, including France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

Its findings were representative of the attitudes and behaviours exhibited by 521m people over 16 years old.

The EIAA revealed 76% of this audience utilise media concurrently, hitting 96% in Norway, 94% in Belgium and Denmark, and 93% in Sweden.

French and German panellists registered the weakest uptake, on 58%, considerably behind the UK's 80% and the 82% provided by Russia and Italy.

More specifically, 30% of Europeans go online while watching television, a figure reaching 28% for reading newspapers in front of the TV.

Comparative scores came in at 21% for flicking through magazines and 5% regarding browsing the mobile internet while also consuming broadcast content.

This equates to 70% of people regularly employing a secondary form of media when having the television on.

The peak time for watching TV and using the web both fall in the evening, as 84% of participants tune in to linear television and 75% go online during this daypart.

Elsewhere, 65% of Europeans combine listening to the radio with another medium, as did 67% when reading a newspaper primarily held their attention, and 70% concerning magazines.

Online also generated impressive totals in this area, as 67% of netizens "meshed media" while online, rising to 70% regarding the mobile web.

An average 94% of respondents watch TV every week, attaining a 98% high in Italy and a 90% low among the German sample.

Reading newspapers delivered 65%, radio yielded a 64% weekly reach and magazines posted 47%, the EIAA said.

Looking online, the web's overall rating of 54% incorporated 51% who logged on from a PC and 14% who did so through a wireless device.

In numerical terms, Germany contributed 43.8m of the 279m-strong internet population in the 15 featured nations, with Russia on 42.4m, the UK on 37.3m and France on 36.2m.

However, 86% of Norway's relatively modest 3.3m audience access the web every week, measured against 84% and 11.6% respectively for the Netherlands.

Based on data covering ten markets since 2004, the EIAA found the proportion of people watching TV each week has declined 6% in the last five years.

Radio listenership recorded a 2% slide from 2006 to 2010, with newspapers off 3% and magazines by approximately 8% in the same period.

By contrast, the internet experienced a 19% uptick, including 7% growth among 45-55 year olds and 19% for over-55 year olds.

The number of people viewing or downloading film, video and television via the net has surpassed 40% across the 15 countries surveyed, with 32% streaming clips, 24% downloading video and 11% using on-demand TV.

In all, email remains the most popular web pastime on 76%, while social networking received 45%.

Some 55% of interviewees also agreed they had changed their mind on which brand to buy after conducting online research.

Data sourced from EIAA; additional content by Warc staff