MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: Measuring consumer responses to marketing activities is essential to campaign optimisation and maximising return on investment but most marketers report a "signal lag" that is hindering their efforts.

A survey of 181 global marketing professionals by Origami Logic, a marketing technology business, found that nearly all (94%) believed effective campaign optimisation is contingent on having timely, complete and detailed knowledge of marketing signals.

But nearly three-quarters (75%) said delayed or incomplete marketing signal visibility was a barrier to measuring and optimising campaigns.

In particular, having multiple systems that capture and measure the signals (53%) and the inability to take action based on results (40%) were the most pervasive problems faced.

Further, while marketing teams can dedicate many hours every week to deciphering marketing signals and campaign results across channels, six in ten said they were unable to effectively measure marketing signals for campaigns across all channels and platforms.

To resolve this, a similar proportion (62%) are planning to measure marketing signals on a more frequent basis in 2016.

"The survey clearly shows that marketers are struggling with the signal lag issue," noted Opher Kahane, CEO and co-founder of Origami Logic.

"Fortunately, marketers seem to be aware of the importance of this issue and are driving towards daily signal measurement," he added.

Currently, only 39% of marketers are able to measure and analyse signals across channels on a weekly, or more frequent, basis, although most (77%) want to do so weekly at the absolute minimum.

Social is the channel that best copes with signal lag, as 70% of respondents reported weekly or more frequent analysis. This was followed by web (65%), search (55%), display (52%) and email (50%).

The survey also highlighted another significant gap, this time between the perceptions of executives and analysts. The former were twice as likely (60% v 31%) to say they were able to effectively measure marketing signals for campaigns across all channels and platforms.

Data sourced from Origami Logic; additional content by Warc staff