LONDON/CHICAGO: Breaking down internal barriers and sharing information and ideas are part of the agile marketing approach which has helped one agency create an effective campaign in just 14 days.

Writing in the current issue of Admap, John Kenny, evp/strategic planning director at FCB Chicago, outlined an approach that saw a new campaign for a major brand produced in two weeks, from client briefing to final edit.

What made this even more remarkable was the fact that the client had not worked with the agency before or even met them in person, the initial point of contact being a video conference.

And Kenny pinpointed that first exchange as where agility starts. It matters who is in the room, he said, and creatives need to be there rather than being handed a brief written by someone else.

"They need to be seen as a strategic function, co-creating the brief with planners, exploring the creative possibilities in an assignment with clients and agency partners."

The next stage involves the use of "tools that enable sharing multiple perspectives on a problem to see where the potential creative heat and strategic possibilities lie," and no waiting around while lengthy research is carried out.

FCB Chicago instead tapped into its own resources and networks for insights into consumer behaviour to help it understand how messaging might need to be reframed.

"No PowerPoint. Conversations, not presentations, are the fastest way to see if an insight has potential," Kenny stated.

In this way the agency was able to come up with a viable brief within three days and a creative idea within four.

The subsequent creative execution within the two-week time frame was only made possible by having in-house video production capabilities – that "changes everything", said Kenny – and by having a director present in the first creative review.

The logistics of shooting could be quickly organised with scripts following and completed video footage available for editing within five days.

To work this way consistently, said Kenny, "agencies need to reconfigure how they think about what they do, how they are structured and how they operate".

Ultimately, he suggested, agile marketing is a way of working that empowers agencies and their clients to get to greater work.

Data sourced from Admap