More young British males in the key 16-34 age group could be watching ads via satellite as opposed to ITV by the end of the year, if the current trend continues.

According to viewing data [source unspecified], ITV’s share of this critically important youth market sank four per cent in 2001 to an alltime nadir of 37%. Satellite channels, on the other hand, enjoyed an increase in share over the same period rising by 4.3% to 31.3%.

Nor are the numbers rosier for ITV in its battle with main terrestrial competitor BBC1. Last year the latter attracted 26.8% average audience share compared with ITV’s 26.7%. ITV also failed to hit its target for 2001, self-imposed twelve months back when it pledged to maintain a 7.5% peaktime lead over BBC1. That has now sagged to 6.9%.

The viewing data makes unhappy reading for ITV, coming as it does when every TV advertising pound is nearly as hard to extract as a straight answer from a government minister.

News source: BrandRepublic (UK)