NEW DELHI: Samsung, Apple and Sony are among the leading electronics brands in India when it comes to online purchase levels, new figures have shown.

According to eBay, the ecommerce group, Samsung manufactured 31% of all electronics products bought from its site during the first quarter of 2012.

It exactly matched this share in the mobile phone sector, thus registering the highest total of any company overall. Within this, however, Samsung's scores hit 35% when considering smartphones, ahead of Sony and BlackBerry on 26% each.

Buyers in Delhi acquired the greatest number of smartphones, but their counterparts in smaller cities such as Indore and Hissar have also entered the top ten by location, as affluence rises throughout India.

Turning to tablets, Apple's iPad 2 easily headed the sales league. Demand for slates rose by 46% quarter on quarter, and also climbed by 77% in March 2012 compared with February.

Some 30% of these appliances were 3G enabled in the first quarter. Residents of Bengaluru obtaining the most devices at the city level, eBay's statistics showed.

Acer led the netbook rankings, while Dell was pre-eminent in the regular laptop charts. Nikon and Canon shared this position as far as digital cameras were concerned, and Samsung and Sony dominated for TV sets.

"Gadgets are amongst the most popular purchases for the eBay shopper," said Abhimanyu Lal, head of categories at eBay.

In evidence of this, the company reported that one of its customers buys a mobile handset every three minutes, standing at 13 minutes for a laptop and 25 minutes for a digital camera.

"A key trend is that gadgets are getting increasing traction with non metro shoppers with as much as 57% of transactions coming from beyond the metros," Lal added.

Hissar, Bikaner, Meerut and Coimbatore thus all featured on the list of the ten cities where interest in such offerings was strongest, joining major metropolitan centres like Delhi.

The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India predicted earlier this week that the Indian electronics market will be worth Rs20tr ($371bn) in 2020, measured against a projected Rs5tr in 2012.

Data sourced from Mydigitalfc; additional content by Warc staff