LAS VEGAS: Samsung, the electronics giant, will "recommit" to its customers this year following a high-profile safety crisis involving its Note 7 smartphones.

Tim Baxter, President/CEO of Samsung Electronics America, discussed this subject during a session at CES 2017, an event held by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in Las Vegas.

He began by referencing the challenges facing the Note 7, a device which was recalled – and withdrawn completely from sale – late last year after several units were found to have caught fire.

"As you know, this [last] year was a challenging year for Samsung," Baxter said. (For more details, read Warc's exclusive report: Innovation drives Samsung's brand recovery.)

"Some of you were directly impacted – and certainly many saw the media coverage, especially about the Note 7."

Building on this theme, he suggested that the organization would be drawing on customer insight, delivered from various different sources, as it sought to move on from the crisis.

"This year, yes, we are reflecting – and, yes, we are listening," Baxter said. "And, you know what? We continue to get feedback in very traditional ways – and in some new and innovative ways."

One stream of insight falling into the latter category is Samsung+, a mobile app providing customers with live service support straight from their handset.

Last year, this tool was updated with an "Assist" option that allows customer-service agents to take control of a handset and fix issues remotely. The app also offers useful hints based on the age of the phone, and diagnostics to boost performance.

Alongside solving an individual customer's problems, the company will be able discover any common pain points, among other valuable nuggets of information.

"With Samsung+, 25m mobile consumers in the US have direct access to customer support. And we get instant feedback on how we're doing and how we can do better," Baxter said.

"Armed with information like this, we are recommitting to our customers in 2017."

Data sourced from Warc