A temporary ban on all commercial logos during pay-TV broadcasts has been imposed by Thailand’s Mass Communications Authority. Although all stations are affected by the ban, the move appears to specifically target United Broadcasting Corporation, the nation’s largest broadcaster.

UBC has recently bucked apparently conflicting regulations barring pay-TV operators from generating revenues from commercial advertising on their channels. One rule, intended to ensure that pay-TV channels rely solely on subscribers’ fees, has been ignored by UBC which recently transmitted corporate logos and voice-overs after programs to indicate sponsorship.

However, a different regulation appears to counter this stipulation by stating that program ad breaks are not deemed to be commercials provided they make no verbal mention of merchandise quality and are restricted to displaying corporate logos only. The matter has been forwarded to the State Council for a decision.

The current ban was imposed after Thai newspapers complained that UBC had violated broadcasting laws by showing logos during its programs.

News source: Advertising Age - International Daily