IT MARKETING AGENCY Banner has just published its latest annual review of the sector, the UK's largest regular study of trends and attitudes among IT decision-makers. This reveals a distinct split in use of the Internet between larger (50+ employees) and smaller organisations. Banner says the 'trigger point' for serious usage of the Net seems to come when a company has more than fifty employees - below this level of staffing, companies remain 'lukewarm'. Usage increases among companies progressively in relation to staff levels, reaching a point where two thirds of all UK companies with 500 or more staff now use the Net. E-mail is the most popular business use of the medium; recruitment and job-seeking the least favoured. Average business use by individuals has risen to five hours weekly. There are marked regional variations: 39% of London-based companies are wired, compared with only 14 per cent of those based in Yorkshire and Humberside. More details of the survey are at