SINGAPORE: The online video advertising market in Southeast Asia is growing strongly with mobile inventory levels rising across the region according to a new report.

TubeMogul, an enterprise software company for digital branding, analysed the top brand campaigns on its programmatic buying platform in the final quarter of 2013, across five regional markets - Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. More than 2.2 billion desktop and mobile video streams were tracked.

It found that Southeast Asia's programmatic online video advertising market increased by 26% per month to 864 million streams in December, fuelled by media companies looking to create more ad slots for brands.

In particular, there was a doubling of mobile video ad inventory. Thailand and Singapore led the way with respective 244% and 191% leaps in mobile video ads from October to December.

The remaining three territories registered more modest double-digit growth levels, with 75% for Indonesia, 43% for Malaysia and 39% for the Philippines.

"Mobile is quickly becoming a platform for brands to reach consumers in Southeast Asia," said Phu Truong, TubeMogul Southeast Asia managing director. "Publishers are making more of their content available for digital video advertisers to run branding campaigns on their desktop and mobile platforms."

He added that the increase in premium mobile and desktop video inventory was enabling brands to secure strong audience reach for video branding campaigns, and that Asia was quickly moving from a position of scarcity to that of a vibrant market.

He highlighted several factors including "the media industry's desire to build new revenue streams, a strong consumer appetite for video content, and the eagerness of brands to connect with audiences that are moving to new entertainment formats such as mobile devices".

Thailand was one of the only markets to post growth in video advertising CPMs, or the costs of buying a thousand impressions, which increased 45% over the quarter, even though video ad supply rose 26% per month. In Indonesia, premium ad inventory rose 257% between October and December.

Data sourced from Tubemogul; additional content by Warc staff