Britain's second largest supermarket group J Sainsbury this week announced the launch of a cut-price mobile phone service.

From January, the chain’s Reward cardholders will be able to join Sainsbury’sOne, a scheme which finds the lowest tariff for subscribers’ calls. The venture will be launched in partnership with BT Cellnet and marketer Mosaic Group.

“Sainsbury'sOne will put an end to customers having to plough through huge amounts of information on the many different tariffs available and will guarantee the best deals in the UK”, claimed marketing director Sara Weller.

Sainsbury’sOne vouchers will be on sale in stores, and pre-pay customers will get statements every quarter comparing charges under different tariffs. If any rival tariff would have cost less, Sainsbury’s will then refund the difference to the customer’s Reward card account.

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)