America’s Screen Actors Guild has imposed a £70,000 ($103,285) fine on British actress Liz Hurley for appearing in a US TV commercial during a strike by union members.

Hurley, whose fame rests as much as on her casting as the one-time long-term girl friend of actor Hugh Grant as it does her current role as the ‘face’ of parfumier Estée Lauder, claimed she was unaware of the strike as she resided in England and had not been told of it by SAG.

Insisting that she had not benefited financially from her appearance in the commercial as it was part of an inclusive deal with Lauder, Hurley apologised to the union but was “disappointed” by its verdict. She would pay-up, however, because, “although I have a right of appeal, my legal challenges would not serve to benefit those who truly suffered most through the strike”.

The actress hit the headlines in October when she was confronted by a picket-line of striking thespians as she attended the US première of her latest movie Bedazzled.

News source: BBC Online Business News (UK)