“Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of News Corporation, is to take Chinese citizenship as part of an effort to further the interests of his media group in what is one of the world's last untapped market.

“According to sources, Murdoch has reached an accommodation with the Chinese authorities whereby the Australian-born business man will be given special breaks in the heavily regulated Chinese market by the country's Communist Party rulers” … and more in similar vein.

So ran the splendidly straight-faced story under the byline Lipra Loof in Brand Republic, the online UK advertising magazine. WAMN’s editor was almost fooled and considered running with the story.

Thanks, however, to WAMN’s eagle-eyed assistant editor and anagram-addict David Tiltman, we were saved from being well and truly had. No prizes for deciphering the spoof story’s byline! Congrats to David – and to BrandRepublic for a neat serving of April Fool’s fun.

The WAMN team