Up to fifty per cent of marketing positions at Britain's cash-haemorrhaging Royal Mail Group are to be eliminated in a cost-cutting purge instigated by RMG chairman, the former supermarketeer Allan Leighton.

According to insiders, up to two hundred of 400 marketing jobs will be eliminated in a phased cull – although the timetable is unknown and the final casualty list yet to be agreed. RMG’s Royal Mail division will bear the brunt of the decimation with an expected 150 advertising and marketing job losses; while fifty marketers are expected to vanish from the Post Office Counters division.

Royal Mail’s business, consumer, media and e-enterprise units will be melded into a single marketing entity under existing staffer Paul Rich as marketing director and deputy managing director. That Rich will be the Royal Mail’s first ever board level marketer says much about previous antediluvian management attitudes within the state-owned giant.

The future of brand and communications director Paul Troy and media markets managing director Adam Novak is unknown, although RMG moles say both men will be offered senior roles within the new structure.

Meantime, RMG continues lo lose around £1 million daily of taxpayers money.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff