As competition in Britain's postal services market slowly begins to nibble at its market share, the Royal Mail monolith has restructured, melded and slimmed its marketing department.

Reduced from four hundred to 300 heads, the RM’s three marketing divisions (media markets, business/consumer markets, and service delivery) have been merged into a single entity under managing director Jerry Cope.

Reporting to Cope are deputy-md/marketing director Paul Rich and Mark Thompson, director of sales and customer service. The latter will focus on large business sectors such as publishing, retail and utilities.

Lower in the pecking order are five departmental heads: David Walker (advertising, reporting to Rich), Alison White (personal communication), Richard Roche (business development), Lorna Clarkson (commercial and specification) and Dick Stead (financial transactions).

Elucidates marketing director Rich, buzzword lexicon close to hand: “The new structures are all about becoming more focused, building our brand and keeping to clear priorities. Our marketing effort remains very focused on business results, giving customers the right choices and levels of service as competition intensifies.”

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff