James Packer's weekly news magazine The Bulletin has named Rupert Murdoch the most influential Australian of all time. Ironically, however, the media mogul is these days a US citizen - a status for which he sacrificed his Australian nationality for the greater good of his US-headquartered News Corporation publishing empire.

The magazine survey sought to identify individuals "whose lives have fundamentally changed the way Australia's society operates". Declares its website: "You'll find heroes and villains." It didn't, however, state the category in which it placed the 75-year-old patriarch of clan Murdoch.

Nonetheless, The Bulletin notes Murdoch's "potent mix of ruthlessness and ambition'', attributing his success to those traits and his "gut instinct and unashamed pragmatism".

Among the other notable Australians named by the magazine were its late proprietor Kerry Packer and feminist self-publicist Germaine Greer.

  • Remaining in imperial mode, Rupert Murdoch has instructed the Australian government to scrap existing media ownership laws and provide an open market. The government, he said, should make radical changes or none at all.

    Addressing reporters on his home turf, the mogul told the politicians: "Tear up everything, and make it an open go for everybody, otherwise leave it alone."

    Data sourced from Bloomberg.com and Sydney Morning Herald; additional content by WARC staff