PARIS: French commercial TV companies are angered by government legislation, first announced by the Sarkozy administration in January, that will soon exorcise ads from public service broadcaster France Television, replacing the lost revenues with a levy on rival commercial firms.  

Condemning the move as "a gift" [to France Television], Nonce Paolini, ceo of privately-owned broadcaster Television Francaise 1 snarled: "The president of France Television now knows its income for the next three years."

The effect on his own company would be uncertain, said Paolini. "One will have to see if TF1 will profit from the end of advertising on public TV."

Referring to the current economic climate, he added forlornly: "Today, it is impossible to foresee higher revenue on TF1."

Data sourced from Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff