HONG KONG: Over two-thirds (68%) of users prefer mobile rich media ads that offer interaction, engagement and calls to action, as opposed to static mobile ads, a mobile advertising network has claimed.

Based on an in-house survey of more than 80 campaigns that used its HTML5 mobile media suite in 2013, Snap Mobile, the mobile advertising division of Pixel Media, also said engagement levels on rich media ads were ten times higher on average.

As reported by Asia Media Journal, the study also found usage of full page mobile ads – often known as "Crazy Ads" in Hong Kong – grew by two times between the first and second half of last year while usage of standard banner ads remained relatively stable.

Pixel Media launched the service in July 2013 and, to date, major brands that have adopted HTML5 mobile rich media ads include Samsung, BMW, Audi, Dior, Canon, Estee Lauder Group and McDonald's, among others.

"With over 80 HTML5 campaigns under our belt within an eight-month period, this reaffirms our belief that there has always been a pent up demand for HTML5 rich media ads,” said Christine Lau, general manager of Snap Mobile.

"With projected mobile ad spends in Asia reaching $6.2bn by 2016 and an increased demand for innovation, mobile has now moved beyond static display images towards fully interactive and engaging ads," she added.

The research also found that over 10% of users spend 15 seconds or more engaging with a brand when shown an HTML5 mobile rich media ad.

This could reflect another finding that advertisers are increasingly placing more emphasis on a brand's narrative at the same time as engaging users with calls to action via the assorted functions on their mobile devices.

Data sourced from Asia Media Journal; additional content by Warc staff