Reuters is changing the way it distributes online business and financial news as it edges towards a subscription-only format.

At present, Reuters stories are available for free on websites such as Yahoo! Finance, which pay a fee to use the news. But as of June 1, Reuters will let these sites show only the top financial stories plus corporate news headlines; to access most articles, readers must click through to

Then in the next year or so, much of the content on this site will become available only to subscribers.

The beleaguered media company is keen to make money out of its news operations, which currently account for under 10% of its $4.67 billion (€3.87bn; £2.57bn) annual revenues. However, the new policy is limited to business and financial stories; general news will continue to be supplied under existing arrangements.

Data sourced from: The Wall Street Journal Online; additional content by WARC staff