'Everybody loves a Lord,' quoth the 19th century English proverb. A maxim equally true, it seems, of twenty-first century British marketers.

For Britain's venerable Chartered Institute of Marketing has appointed as its new president the equally venerable Lord Michael Heseltine, quondam deputy prime minister and publishing tycoon.

His Lordship currently chairs Haymarket Publishing, the trade magazine empire he founded in the 1950s with fellow trendy rich-kid Clive Labovitch.

Heseltine, says the press release, "will work with the CIM's management team to help enhance the body's reputation and put marketing on the boardroom agenda."

In a bout of backslapping, CIM international chairman Paul Gostick hailed Heseltine as "the epitome of great marketing". Milord, extolled Gostick, "understands the pivotal role marketing plays in driving the economy, and is a champion of UK plc".

Data sourced from BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff