LONDON: The impact of traditional media such as newspapers and magazines on overall campaign ROI should not be underestimated, an executive at Synovate has said.

Speaking at Warc's Future of Advertising Research conference in London yesterday, Ernie Kim, senior vp at the market research firm, said that online channels' effectiveness is also often overestimated.

Kim also highlighted the difficulties facing the market research community in isolating the impact of individual channels on consumer choices.

Media habits among consumers have fragmented following the digital revolution, making accurate measurement more difficult.

Today's researchers will have to break the traditional paradigm of combining traditional audience and impact measures with marketing mix models, Kim added.

Elsewhere at the conference, Kathy Dykeman, EMEA insight specialist at Facebook, gave tips to researchers on how to measure ROI from social media campaigns.

She suggested that firms distinguish between "standard ads" such as the banners and text boxes and "engagement ads" such as polls.

Social media measurement was also discussed by Graeme Lawrence, director of Virtual Surveys.

He recommended that researchers take care to listen first before asking questions - and employ techniques such as sampling, setting up research communities and tagging panellists.

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Data sourced from Warc