Market researchers were keen to gain an understanding of brand mergers, connecting with young shoppers and the future of their own industry over the course of 2010.

A Taxonomy of New MR, a presentation from Ray Poynter, of the Future Place, at this year's MRS Annual Conference was the top download.

Poynter discusses the problems facing traditional research in a digital world and highlights the emergence of "NewMR", incorporating techniques such as blog mining, "we-research" and e-ethnography.

The Brand Union chairman Terry Tyrell's Admap paper on brand mergers also received heavy traffic, finishing second in the rankings.

According to Tyrell, mergers face severe hidden risks if the parties involved do not fully understand how the respective brands and cultures will fit together.

In third place was Even better than the real thing, an ESOMAR paper on how Levi's builds brand "authenticity" among Gen Y.

Rounding out the top five was an Admap piece on semiotics and a panel discussion on the future of research - with participants including Wendy Gordon, of Acacia Avenue, and Sara Fryer, head of consumer insight at McDonald's.

Data sourced from Warc