Acquiring information on major global advertisers was by far the primary interest of research agencies subscribing to Warc over the course of this year.

The most-downloaded paper for researchers during 2011 was The keys to Reckitt Benckiser's success, an analysis of the health and personal care firm's distinctive brand-building strategy, written by Camillo Pane, one of its top marketers.

Also featuring on the list was There's a McDonald's for everyone in fourth place, a description of how the restaurant chain repositioned itself in the UK.

Elsewhere, a case study focusing on a campaign for M&Ms, the chocolate brand, was the sixth most-downloaded paper on the list.

Meanwhile, two Euromonitor company profiles of major clients, Unilever (in fifth) and PepsiCo (in eighth), also made the top 10.

Other top downloads among research agencies covered more general marketing issues.

How to use segmentation effectively, a Warc Best Practice paper, was in second place, while 10 global consumer trends in 2011, an article from the Future Foundation, came third.

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Data sourced from Warc