NÜRNBERG, Germany: It's tempting to believe that German research giant GfK recruited famed grail-hunter Indiana Jones to help evolve its latest RoI measurement concept – the Web Efficiency Panel.

But Indy, sadly, is not among the panel's begetters which include technical solutions provider Nurago and Google (in a technical advisory capacity).

Nonetheless, the initiative has Grail-like commercial connotations, notably for online advertisers of fast moving consumer goods retailing via bricks and mortar outlets.

The WEP harnesses GfK's German ConsumerScan panel of around 20,000 participants to measure the web activities of circa 9,000 households – equating to 15,000 internet users.

In conjunction with this data, the WEP will measure FMCG purchases in specific stores and link these buys with online advertising campaigns, search engines and home page hits.

The results will enable marketers to make decisions based on 'empirical' RoI data.

Future expansion of the system, says GfK, "will also make it possible to assess advertising campaigns across all the media ... since the panel can also supply data on TV and print campaigns".

Meantime, GfK and its betrothed, UK-headquartered Taylor Nelson Sofres, anxiously await a renewed spoiling bid for the latter from WPP Group.

Data sourced from mrweb.com; additional content by WARC staff