STAMFORD: Clients are more likely than market research suppliers to employ "next generation" techniques when using the internet to generate consumer insights, according to a new study.

A report from Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) suggested that tools like web and CRM analytics, blog mining and social network analysis are more commonly employed by industry specialists on the client-side.

It was based on a survey, completed by 855 members of the organisation in the US and UK, which also revealed higher levels of scepticism among agencies regarding "Do-It-Yourself" online research tools.

Alongside their comparative willingness to embrace Web 2.0 platforms, clients were found to be more enthusiastic about conducting focus groups than their suppliers.

"Clients have not abandoned traditional research methods; they are simply expanding their toolkits in step with emerging consumer technology trends," Tom H.C. Anderson, founder of NGMR, commented.

"The research industry should be leading the way in 'next generation' insights, but in many cases clients are instead taking it upon themselves to develop ways to generate new insights from an increasing plethora of data sources."

Data mining, was the single most popular next generation research technique, and is currently being used by 59% of survey participants.

NGMR's report added that researchers working for suppliers with 1,000 employees or more tend to show lower degrees of job satisfaction than their counterparts at clients and smaller research firms.

Data sourced from NGMR; additional content by Warc staff