BERLIN: The total revenues generated by market research companies in Germany fell by 5% in 2009, as clients cut back during the financial crisis.

Context, the industry publication, produced an analysis of the current state of the sector based on figures from 151 market research agencies, sales data from 2008, and forecast revenues for 2009.

It estimated that GfK posted revenues of €1.2 billion ($1.7bn; £1.0bn) in the last 12 months, around 25% of which was delivered from its home country.

The organisation's overall total was down by 1.6% on an annual basis, with its domestic figures off by a more substantial 4%, Context reported.

TNS Infratest, now part of WPP Group, registered a return of €195m, which Nielsen's local arm on €92.5m, and Ipsos on €42.2m, a decrease of 1% year-on-year.

Across all the companies taking part, 54% reported a contraction in sales in 2009, while 17% enjoyed an expansion, with Foerster & Thelen, Infas and Kleffmann Group all among this latter group.

Context argued that many agencies which withheld their figures may have done so due to a substantial drop off in their performance, indicating the overall climate could be worse than its initial figures suggest.

Data sourced from Research Magazine; additional content by Warc staff