Meeting last week in Geneva, fifty of the major player in global market research – members of the ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) and ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research) – agreed to establish a global lobbying body for the market research industry.

The yet to be named organization will address privacy legislation and other issues that might impact adversely on the market research industry. Funding for the initiative will come from individual research companies, industry associations and brand marketers.

In a phased launch, the US trade association and lobbyist CMOR (Council for Marketing and Opinion Research) will expand to include Canada and Mexico, while a European pilot effort, initially funded by ESOMAR, will be established this spring. Similar regional efforts covering Asia Pacific and Latin America will follow after 2002.

Explains US executive chairman of NOP World Jay Wilson: “Attempts to restrict our industry are growing all the time. We’ve seen it in Europe and the US in particular, and it is happening or is going to happen in other parts of the world.” Adds Wilson, a driving force behind the initiative: “Our industry can affect these restrictive regulatory efforts – but only if we organize collectively and that’s what we’ve done. It’s groundbreaking.”

News source: Daily Research News Online