Californian video recorder company ReplayTV is to abandon its charter advertisers programme to focus on the licensing of its technology.

It is thought that a venture capital partner of the company decided that the scheme should be ditched since it was not going to make money in the near future.

The programme has attracted names such as Universal Pictures and Coca-Cola [WAMN: 12-Sep-00], eager to investigate how to advertise on a TV service which allows viewers to skip commercial breaks. The two-year deal with Coke focused on sponsorship and banner ads.

Commented ReplayTV’s vice president in charge of marketing Steve Shannon: “We are going back to a traditional Silicon Valley model as a supplier of software,” adding that a new relationship would be forged with Coke.

As part of the change in strategy, chairman-ceo Tim LeMasters is stepping down, to be replaced by ReplayTV’s founder Anthony Wood.

News source: Advertising Age - Interactive Daily