LONDON: Red Bull, Google and Nike are the brands boasting the greatest amount of "social video equity" as a result of both embracing this medium and successfully engaging web users, new figures show.

In its report, goviral, the seeding firm, looked at 102 brands, assessing the quantity and length of their video output, the views and engagement achieved, and subscriber levels to their channels. It also added a qualitative score based on in-house analysis.

Red Bull, the energy drink, led the rankings on 65.8 points, a position made more impressive given the charts were compiled before its tie-up with Felix Baumgartner whose attempt at a record-breaking skydive saw him reach the speed of sound.

Mads Holman, goviral's planning director, argued this event "may, by its own virtue, influence the way the industry looks at storytelling in the future.

"No brand has ever managed to get even close to 8m people live-streaming an event, and the following content, views, sharing and engagement would have single-handedly given Red Bull the top spot on this year's list," he added.

Second place went to Google, the online and mobile giant, on 51.1 points. It thus beat Disney, the entertainment conglomerate, which generated a total of 45.4 points.

Making up the top five were Nike, the sportswear manufacturer, on 44 points, and Samsung, the electronics specialist, with 41.2 points.

Overall, the analysis reported that every member of the top five secured over 50m views of their content, indicating the huge potential audience available for brands achieving success.

Completing the list of the ten best performers were Old Spice, Procter & Gamble's personal care line for men, alongside Prada, the luxury label, Coca-Cola, the soft drink, Nintendo, the gaming expert, and adidas, the sporting goods firm.

When discussing engagement, Red Bull, Prada and Google all accrued over 1m likes and comments for their video content across the web.

The operators receiving the lowest ratings were Santander, the financial services provider, followed by Jack Daniel's, the whiskey, and Heinz, the food group.

Moet & Chandon, the champagne, also came among the bottom five on this metric, as did 3M, the owner of brands like Post-It and Scotch-Brite, and Nescafé, the coffee range made by Nestlé.

Data sourced from goviral; additional content by Warc staff