Half of the top ten most downloaded papers on Warc in 2009 were recession-related, as marketers scrambled for insights on downturn behaviour.

Congratulations to authors Cheryl Swanson, Richard Storey and Adam Morgan for topping the list of most popular external contributors to Warc over the year.

From Warc's in-house writings, articles on international media trends, a global study on a similar subject and the use of media in US Effie award-winning case histories proved most popular.

Another prevalent theme was the rising importance to brand owners of social media.

The Best Practice paper Should you advertise on social networking websites? was the most widely-read article on this subject.

It was followed by an assessment of the Six Essentials of a successful social media case study, and a piece on Social Media's Emerging Communications Model.

Popular papers which looked at social media's applications for specific sectors covered retailers, PepsiCo's Walkers Crisps and EasyJet.

It is an easy bet that in 2010 Warc will be running many more research papers and case studies on this topic.

Top Ten Downloads in 2009

  1. The international communications market: a summary of Ofcom research into global media trends
  2. WFA Global Media Trends 2008
  3. New social trends will emerge as US reacts to recession
  4. Communications planning in the 21st century
  5. What can TV and online learn from each other?
  6. Television: Back to the Future
  7. Innovating in recession: Media trends in the 2009 US Effies
  8. Data sourced from Warc