The Radio Authority has relaxed a series of regulations in its Advertising and Sponsorship Code for the first time since it was established a decade ago.

For the first time, commercials can be broadcast for psychiatrists, hypnotherapists and investment bodies. Ads for firearms and pornography, however, remain anathema. Elsewhere, advertisers providing health services and advice will be scrutinised in greater detail, while regulations on food and weight-loss goods have been extended.

The reforms also have implications for sponsors, whose credits can now include slogans, phone numbers, addresses and website URLs. In addition, programme presenters may now crowbar sponsorship messages into their broadcasts.

Commented the Authority’s Martin Campbell: “The new Advertising and Sponsorship Code ensures continuing protection for the listener while lightening regulation in areas where this can be done without damaging consumers' interests”.

News Source: CampaignLive (UK)