AN ALLIANCE has been forged between the DMA and the Royal Mail to counter the orchestrated and increasingly shrill campaign waged by the national press and other media calling for legislation against ‘junk mail’. Addressing the recent UK Direct convention in Jersey, RM marketing director Jim Cotton-Betteridge wryly noted that the press were vilifying direct mail while at the same time using the medium to build circulations. But, he conceded: 'Poorly targeted and presented mail is junk mail. However, we are in danger of the whole industry being tarred with this brush, as well as becoming the victim of unwelcome and uneducated legislation.' The press would argue, he said, that their campaign is in the public interest. 'I would argue that setting standards and ethics must start in your own backyard, and this is something the direct marketing industry is doing very successfully.' The Royal Mail and the DMA are to jointly develop a public relations and promotional campaign defending direct marketing