It seems that the blustering of former tabloid editor Kelvin MacKenzie has finally penetrated through to the inner sanctum of UK audience measurement body RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research).

MacKenzie, a one-time Murdoch editor with a penchant for jingoistic and xenophobic headlines, is now chairman of his boss's UK radio property The Wireless Group.

He has lobbied long and loud for the introduction of portable electronic meters to replace the paper diaries currently used to measure radio audiences, at the same time threatening (but not taking) legal action to enforce his demand.

But it seems his verbal barrage has finally been heeded. RAJAR announced Monday it plans further tests of a number of electronic meters from March 2005 with the intention to switch entirely to meters by the start of 2007.

A research contract will go out to tender in summer 2005, and the electronic and manual systems will run parallel for a period before electronic measurement supersedes the diary system at the start of 2007.

To paraphrase The Upanishads: 'The sound of Kelvin is om. At the end of om is silence. It is a silence of joy.'

Data sourced from The Telegraph (UK); additional content by WARC staff