The payroll at the San Francisco office of London hotshop Leagas Delaney – its sole US presence – is suddenly lighter by the combined salaries of four top executives, who yesterday quit in protest at the British agency’s negotiations to sell to Envoy Communications Group in Toronto.

The departing quartet comprises local managing director Courtney Buechert, joint creative directors Harry Cocciolo and Sean Ehringer, plus Rob Kabus, director of strategic planning.

“[Leagas Delaney] have opportunities to grow and keep growing [but] top managers suddenly become global executives, learn foreign currencies and sit on airplanes," Buechert observed sourly. Whereas he and his colleagues "enjoy growing a little company into a midsize company."

In contrast, Leagas’ chief executive Tim Delaney was diplomacy personified: “Even people as committed as Harry, Sean, Courtney and Rob will sometimes have other ambitions that they need to satisfy,” he said. "We are grateful to them for all their outstanding work, which has enabled us to establish the Leagas Delaney brand in the US.”

The office will continue in business under the baton of president and executive creative director Vince Engel.

News source: New York Times