British advertisers spent £3.349 billion ($5.28bn; €5.22bn) in the third quarter of 2002, according to new data from the Advertising Association, This is an increase of 3.6% (or +2% when adjusted for inflation) on the total for Q3 2001.

The Quarterly Survey of Advertising Expenditure, compiled by the World Advertising Research Center, found that television spend increased the fastest, jumping 9.3% year-on-year.

However, total press spend dipped 0.5% (–2% in real terms) to £1.645bn, of which display advertising contributed £876m and classified £769m. Expenditure in the press sector (with inflation-adjusted changes in parentheses) breaks down as follows:

• National newspapers: up 1.6% (–3.1%) to £444m.
• Regional newspapers: up 2% (+0.5%) to £713m.
• Consumer magazines: up 1.9% (+0.3%) to £190m.
• Business magazines: down 6% (–7.4%) to £299m.

The other media covered by the survey fared thus:

• Television: up 9.3% (+7.7%) to £847m.
• Radio: up 0.7% (–0.8%) to £120m.
• Outdoor: up 5.1% (+3.5%) to £183m.
• Direct mail: up 8.6% (+6.9%) to £554m.

Data sourced from: Advertising Association; additional content by WARC staff