Bruce Haines, the recently elected president of Britain's Institute of Practitioners in Advertising has scrapped the President’s Committee, a powerful non-elected coterie traditionally appointed by the IPA president of the day.

The committee, alleged its critics, had been making most of the important policy decisions, relegating the role of the elected IPA Council to that of a mere ratifying body.

Haines agrees with the dissidents: “In the past, council agendas have been previously discussed, and policies set, by the president's committee and this has had the effect of stifling debate at council meetings. We have some of the best brains available around that table and I want to make sure that all of them feel it worthwhile to turn up and have their views heard.”

Replacing the president's committee is a steering group comprising the IPA's principal officers and the chairs of its key committees. It will not set the agenda for council meetings, instead acting as a think tank to identify key topics and prepare information papers for council members to ensure they are fully briefed prior to meetings.

The new structure implements recommendations from an IPA working party chaired by M&C Saatchi founding partner David Kershaw.

News source: CampaignLive (UK)