Dataworks Analytics, a new venture launched by two Publicis siblings, media shop Optimedia and direct marketing specialist Publicis Dialog, opens its doors on Monday claiming to boost the effectiveness of clients’ advertising budgets.

It will achieve this by combining econometric modelling with direct marketing disciplines. This, it avers, will help clients to improve their understanding of customer behaviour, at the same time providing strategic insights undeliverable by extant techniques.

Says Publicis UK chairman Richard Hytner: “We don't know of any other agency group offering this kind of combination.” He denies, however, that the venture is a defensive reaction to increasing incursion by management consultants into agency territory: “This isn't a defensive measure but an aggressive one,” he insists.

Jointly heading Dataworks Analytics are newly-recruited managing partners, Sam Dias and David Pihlens, the former poached from Brand Finance, the latter from Publicis Dialog. Says Pihlens, a CRM and database development specialist: “We're both passionate about the real difference this kind of analysis can make to clients' brand and business planning.”

Industry observers believe the venture, if successful, could be a template for global rollout.

News source: CampaignLive (UK)