GLOBAL: Publishers and platforms have welcomed the introduction of a collection of metrics that aims to provide some guarantees about the quality of inventory being bought and sold programmatically.

Digital measurement business comScore is offering publisher clients access to its Trust Profiles which give each client insight as to how their inventory will soon be represented in programmatic trading platforms.

The Trust Profiles include key advertising metrics such as audience and category ranking data, viewability ratings and non-human traffic (NHT) ratings, all of which are consistent with existing comScore metrics used by advertisers and publishers in traditional ad buys.

Announcing the initiative, available in 44 markets around the world, the company said this was only the first stage in a global rollout of the comScore Industry Trust Initiative, first launched in the US at the start of the year, which would bring an independent measure of quality to the programmatic trading world.

The Initiative also aligns with five principles of the US Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain Initiative, which aims to eliminate fraudulent traffic, combat malware, fight internet piracy, promote brand safety and create accountability.

"The growth of programmatic around the world no longer needs to be accompanied by a concern about the quality of inventory that's being bought and sold," said Serge Matta, CEO of comScore.

He maintained that making Trust Profiles available to media sellers around the world would help in "elevating high quality inventory and ensuring that sellers receive fair value for those impressions".

UK industry bodies, including the Association of Online Publishers, supported these "efforts to infuse greater transparency into the buying and selling process".

And Demand-Side Platforms welcomed the independent validation on offer which would give clients greater confidence in programmatic trading and ultimately, said Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CMO at Adform, "instil greater trust in programmatic and digital advertising overall".

In a separate development, comScore has also linked up with Kantar Media to jointly offer cross-media audience measurement to key clients. Spain has been identified as the pilot market with initial findings expected later this year, and other markets to follow.

Data sourced from comScore; additional content by Warc staff